Spring is ideal for new experiences since it is nature's new year. It's a great time to start a refreshing meditation practice as the flowers bloom and the environment comes alive with color. If you've been looking for a long-term meditation method but can't seem to find one that works for you, here's a great approach and match it to your doshic constitution. (Are you unsure about your dosha? Take the quiz right now!)

Walking Meditation for excess KAPHA in Spring

Excess kapha may appear in the spring as mental drowsiness, fuzzy thinking, lethargy, and a lack of desire. The heavy, viscous, moist properties of kapha may accumulate if movement and circulation are not maintained. Excess kapha may be reduced by employing meditation practices that are light, vivid, and stimulating. Walking meditation is one of my favorite springtime meditations because it keeps the body moving while improving attention and mental clarity.

Walking Meditation Instructions
  1. For practice, set about 15–20 minutes.
  2. If it's cold outdoors, find a peaceful area to practice an indoor walking meditation before class, such as a long corridor or a yoga studio—you can even do laps around your house.
  3. If possible, remove your shoes and socks to make it easier to detect feelings in your feet.
  4. Assume the Mountain position. Take a few deep breaths and pay attention to how you're feeling. Make a goal for your walking meditation.
  5. Begin walking gently and rhythmically, either back and forth in a long line or in a circular pattern, with natural breath and a downward look. As you walk, repeat these three sentences quietly as you take each step: Lift, relocate, and reposition. As you go, focus your thoughts on the soles of each foot, noticing the sensations as the foot rises off the floor, travels through space, and is lowered again.
  6. When you come to a complete halt at the conclusion of the meditation, take a moment to note how you are feeling.

Over centuries, the practice of Ayurvedic wellness has proven to result in a more rejuvenated body, mind and spirit, thus nurturing mindfulness and stronger immunity.

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