How does the Kansa wand help in restoring balance to your Kapha dosha?

How does the Kansa wand help in restoring balance to your Kapha dosha?


If you’re a Kapha, you know how it feels like to be complimented by people around you on how you seem to be always energetic and almost impossible to run out of positive energy within you. Some people might even think that there seems to be nothing to get you out of balance for always looking calm plus undeniably charming and compassionate.

But they might not fully understand the risk of a Kapha imbalance and how easily misaligned a Kapha person’s doshic constitution can be. No matter what dosha type we are, if we’re not mindful of our lifestyle, it will eventually affect our overall health. 

For example, if a Kapha type acts on the tendencies toward overeating, avoiding exercise, and excessive sleep for a long time, the Kapha Dosha is derailed and depressions, obesity, litholysis, and Diabetes mellitus may occur. If you’re a Kapha or know someone who is, excessive weight gain can the main factor which can lead to more concerning health issues caused by an imbalanced Kapha dosha. And this is where the Kansa wand and Ayurvedic oils come in to help.

From medicine to massage, Ayurvedic medication is comprised of natural materials that are immediately available to us. One of the most renowned Ayurvedic techniques of healing is massaging with the use of Ayurvedic oils especially when used in conjunction with the Kansa wand as it boosts its efficacy with the Kansa metal’s healing properties.

Did you know that using Ayurvedic oils in massages helps to flush out internal impurities and supporting weight loss? Since Ayurvedic oils are prepared using specific herbs that can support metabolism, they can play an instrumental role in combating obesity. Personal Ayurvedic massage or from an expert, with Ayurvedic oil, can prove an ideal partner in weight loss and give surprising results without as many side effects as weight loss medication.

Over centuries, the practice of Ayurvedic wellness has proven to result in a more rejuvenated body, mind and spirit, thus nurturing mindfulness and stronger immunity.

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