How to clean your Copper drinking bottle and cups

How to clean your Copper drinking bottle and cups


Copper Utensils stain and darken over a period of time. This happens naturally, due to the oxidation process. At Kansa Organics, we do not coat our Copper drinking essentials with any toxic lacquer coatings that are quite commonly used to give them a shiny clean appearance all the time.

  • It is recommended to use Copper Water Bottle only for plain water and no citrus drinks or juices to be added.
  • Please consult your medical practitioner if you suffer from a disease (particularly Wilson’s disease, and/or are on regular medicines.

Here are the simplest ways to clean your Copper essentials: 

  • Lemon and Salt Method: This is the most traditional and easiest method of cleaning copper vessels. These two ingredients are easily available in any kitchen. Simply take some salt in a bowl, cut a lemon in half, and dip it into salt. Rub this lemon over the copper vessel.
  • Vinegar And Salt Method: If lemons are not available to you, you can use vinegar instead. Mix 1 tablespoon salt with 2 tablespoons of vinegar. Let the salt dissolve and apply this mixture over the copper vessel with the help of a cotton ball or a cotton cloth and rub the vessel with it until stains are gone.
  • Baking Soda Method: Baking soda is also a very good option for cleaning copper vessels. Instead of salt, you can use baking soda with lemon or vinegar and follow the same techniques mentioned in the above methods.

But we can offer your something that's much more efficient and provides long-lasting effect, convenience, and quality maintenance.


Our KO Kansa Cleaning Kit is what we recommend due to its tea tree essential oil and more benefits:

  • Specifically made for Copper and Kansa tools.
  • Maintenance: Keeps your Kansa wand clean and shiny; removed any potential mold build-up and microbial residue.
  • Ayurvedic formulated: Will maintain the energy of the healing metal. It won’t affect its effectiveness and the holistic benefits it gives.
  • All-Natural: Safe to use


Despite all the benefits of copper, one must remember that copper is only required in trace amounts in the human body. One must also remember that too much of a good thing could also become harmful, especially, if we are talking about the delicate balance of human chemistry. Water makes 75% of our anatomy, however, one cannot keep on drinking water stored in a copper vessel, all day and every day.

Kansa Organics does not take any responsibility for an untoward event in the use of these Copper vessels. We have ensured to deliver you a high-quality product, free from any toxic chemicals or coatings. Please contact your health professional if you experience any symptoms or have a concurrent medical condition.

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