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Shade Martin
Holistic Aesthetician, Owner at Holistic Haven SkinTherapy

"There are so many things to be said about Kansa Organics and their wonderful Ayurvedic tool, the Kansa wand. I stumbled upon their Instagram page to find an amazing shared before and after photo that peeked my interest. I purchased right away and became a believer just after one use! My complexion was revitalised and my under eye area less puffy! Not only is this tool so simple to use, but it also offers numerous benefits that make a huge difference in the appearance and health of your skin!"


Deborah Fitzerman RDH, MLSO
Proud Agent/Clinical Educator | Canamaesthetic Inc | Corpa Flora

"My son is PDD-NOS on the ASD Spectrum.I could not believe how relaxed he was to the point he fell asleep after his Treatment. Would love to see if this is something that can be used for helping to minimize anxiety for those on the Spectrum. My son Cory at home today and He needed a break from his group home.Here are of the pictures of his Kansa Wand treatment. He loves it and tells me not to stop. Totally calms and allows him to drift into sleep. "


Merritt Knize
Owner at Merritt Skin Care.

"I had already been using the Kansa Organics kansa wands for myself and my holistic skincare business on my facial clients, when the company delivered again with their Ayurvedic Facial Cleansing Kansa Oil. This is such a lovely, pure oil that smells divine! I use it first for a deep cleansing, and I remove it with a warm, wet washcloth. I then apply some more and use my kansa wand to massage it in, and I leave it on my skin for the soothing, replenishing, protective benefits. It felt great to order the cleansing oil with confidence from a brand I have been trusting to help me care for my clients and their precious skin, and I was not surprised when I fell in love with this multi-purpose oil at first use. Thank you again to Kansa Organics for brightening my skin, my spirit, and my world."


Emilee Barker
Medical Aesthetician, Owner at Jem GlamOrganic Medical Spa, Jem Aesthetics Academy

I had the opportunity to meet online with the founders of Kansa Organics, Puneet and Leila. Their passion, professionalism, and knowledge were apparent from the start. I loved learning about their diligence in sourcing the materials direct from India, their passion for proper usage/care, and empowerment through education of the operator to achieve treatment results. As a holistic aesthetics professional and educator, I completely endorse the integrity of Kansa Organic not to mention the ergonomically designed handle! I cannot wait to equip each of my therapists with this design. I look forward to the development of these professionals and brand in the wellness industry."


Harpreet Kaur
Ayurveda Doctor | Esthetician - Owner at Veda Healing Spa

"Overjoyed to have presented at Yale University regarding Ayurveda Beauty Secrets and an ancient treasured healing tool of the Kansa Wand. Thank you to the Asian Network Affinity group at Yale for welcoming me and @kansaorganics to spread the knowledge of Ayurveda practices"


Manager | Societe Apothecary

"Being in the health, wellness & beauty business we have many opportunities to explore new products. The Kansa wand impressed us so much after personal use, we have added it to our offerings . It is the perfect compliment to our skin care line. The results have been very impressive . There has been a visible improvement of collagen production & overall skin texture we have personally witnessed among our staff and customers.Thank you for a remarkable product that completes a healthy skin care routine."