Ayurveda: Discovering the Journey of Women's Wellness

Ayurveda: Discovering the Journey of Women's Wellness

Women's Health through the Ayurvedic Lens

Advanced Happy International Women's Day!

For much of our adult lives, women's physical, mental-emotional, and spiritual aspects have been coated with debris. Ayurveda and its basic principles are helping women remove the trash from these levels. According to the Charaka Samhita (Sutrasthana Chapter 1, Sloka 43), the divine Vedic text:

“As it is beneficial to mankind in respect of both the worlds (i.e. this life and the life beyond), Ayurveda, the most sacred and honoured by those proficient in the Vedas will now be expounded.”

It is clear from this phrase alone that Ayurveda is not merely a therapeutic method while we live in this body, but the most holy of the old Vedas since it causes good and promotes balance for all people, both now and in the future, for all people. Balance in both this life and the world to come is exactly what women are looking for.

Accordingly, many of the ladies who come to visit Ayurvedic wellness centers on a weekly basis have problems with their digestion, their mental stress, their emotions, and their energy levels. Because of the physical and mental suffering they've experienced, they've learned to accept it as a part of life - as if it's nothing unusual.


For women's health and well-being, as Ayurveda recommends a daily practice known as the Dinacharya, we have made our own Kansa Organics Dinacharya that is easy to implement.

KO Dinacharya Kit - Kansa Organics

A variety of herbal ingredients in the facial oil and the use of India's healing metal of Kansa that support a positive gut-brain connection through lymphatic drainage massage, and lifestyle routines like can easily be incorporated with one another like:

  1. Yoga,
  2. Meditation that connect a balanced constitution to the burgeoning empowered woman who is ready to live her Dharma.
  3. Abhyanga (warm self-massage with a doshic-specific oil), for when the physical body isn't in alignment with our spiritual purpose and practice, we'll never be able to find a way to connect. It makes perfect sense.

Even though this short list of Ayurveda health care suggestions isn't exhaustive, it's a good starting point. We know many empowering women that have taken some or all of these Ayurvedic advice for women's health and have begun to see the veil of illusion fall away gradually..

As a consequence of their improved well-being, people are stepping up to their calling, speaking their truth, and shattering previously impenetrable walls.

For these women, the knowledge of Ayurveda provided them a new way of being in the world, one which comes from an inner knowing - one that has been there from the day they were born. Even though it's a long, arduous process that will never be completed in a hurry, one step at a time, it's altered eventually many lives.

Over centuries, the practice of Ayurvedic wellness has proven to result in a more rejuvenated body, mind and spirit, thus nurturing mindfulness and stronger immunity.

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