Ayurvedic skincare tools: Elevate your wellness routine

Ayurvedic skincare tools: Elevate your wellness routine


The Ayurveda secret to address fat accumulation, an Esthetician and Licensed Massage Therapist's key to stepping up their practice is in addressing the health of the total body and it's cellular environment.

KANSA Organics developed an ergonomic massage tool made of wood and bronze metal to be used in circular motions on the tissues to bring endless health benefits.

When the KANSA wand from ancient ayurveda is used, we are pulling acidity from the tissues as we increase oxygen flow to the cells. This plays a part in fostering an alkaline environment, which slows the accumulation of fat.
Here is a bit more information on how fat accumulation is related to acidity:
"Body acidity and body fat are intricately linked in a way that is generally unknown to most people. Fat is one of the body’s primary defenses used to protect your blood pH. pH is a measurement that determines the level of acidity or alkalinity. Your blood must maintain a pH of 7.3 to 7.4 to sustain life. And when your body’s overall pH level is off there is low oxygen delivery to cells, creating an environment where disease thrives, setting the stage for many normally healthy processes to turn destructive." (Vital Earth Minerals)
This is where cell turnover rate slows, fibroblasts may not stimulate collagen properly, the dignity of the dermal tissues is not upkept.
"To maintain proper pH levels, the body flushes out and removes as many acids and toxins as it can through sweating, urination, and defecation. When there are more toxins/acids than the body is able to dispose of, it produces toxic waste storage cells (fat cells) to store them in. So, you see, fat cells perform an important health function when they store toxins and excess acid. You may not appreciate the extra fat, but if you’re pH is out of balance you may need these fat storage cells to sustain life." (Vital Earth Minerals)
The ideal pH for the body is between 7.0-7.5, and one can test their pH with urine strips from their local health store.
"Here are some common symptoms of excess acidity:
Low energy, frequent colds, infections flues
Excess mucous production and nasal congestion
Moods, nervous, irritable
Joint pain, arthritis, and muscle pain
Hives and rashes
Weak, brittle nails, dry hair and skin, psoriasis
Leg cramps
Acid indigestion, heartburn, nausea
Malabsorption of nutrients
The benefits of an alkaline body are far reaching:
The benefits of maintaining an alkaline pH exceed that of weight maintenance alone. Viruses and diseases cannot survive in an alkaline environment, including arthritis, cancer, and diabetes." (Vital Earth Minerals)
As an Overall rule: meats, processed sugar, caffeine, beans, dairy and grains contribute to acid forming and should be kept to a minimum if trying to reduce acid in the body.
KO KANSA Wand can visibly help slim the face, tone and contour. The property of the metal to help balance pH + the action of working the wand in a rolling motion can help you find your most youthful, healthy skin possible.
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