How to Lymph Drain using the Kansa Wand

How to Lymph Drain using the Kansa Wand


Lymphatic drainage helps the flow of lymph which is a fluid that transports oxygen, white blood cells, and nutrients to the tissues throughout the body. Lymphatic drainage techniques use gentle movements to reduce inflammation, pain, and stiffness in the body.

Start by taking your Kansa wand and placing it on the bottom part of the neck right below your earlobes.  Gently press the top of the Kansa wand into this area several times like a pumping motion. Next, with your arm at your side, place the Kansa wand into the crease of the armpit and make circular movements clockwise. Once you have completed step 2, place your Kansa wand under your chin, lining it up underneath your eye, and gently move the Kansa wand down into your chest and then off to the side. Repeat with the other side.

Now move the Kansa wand to the point between your eyebrows or your third eye. Move the Kansa wand straight up toward your forehead and repeat this movement several times. Next, place the Kansa wand back on the point between the eyebrows, and move the Kansa wand along the eyebrow line and then down. Repeat several times on the left and then move to the right.

We begin step 5 by placing the Kansa wand on the top part of the cheekbone near the nose. Slowly move the Kansa wand toward the ear gently pressing to reduce puffiness. Repeat on the other side. By placing the Kansa wand near the nostril, you begin step 6. Move the Kansa wand down and out towards the ear, and then repeat on the other side.

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