Muladhara - The Root Chakra

Muladhara - The Root Chakra

In the Ayurvedic tradition, 'chakra' refers to the core energy centers within our body. The seven main chakras, positioned across the backbone and reaching from the base of the spine to the head's crown, express special properties with a physical, mental, artistic and spiritual aspect.

Muladhara, the red chakra, is one of the main chakras.
It is located at the base of the spine (gonads). Special characteristics are a sense of belonging, survival and safety.

When the root chakra is blocked, it is primarily due to anxiety and multiple aspects of trauma, sluggish and eating disorders.

Psychological symptoms of root chakra blockage include: anxiety disorders, paranoia, panic thoughts, worry, overthinking, exhaustion, nightmares, mental disconnection, disconnection from the body, frustration and anger.

However, when it is activated and balanced, we feel secured, safe, at home in the world, and fearless.

Opening the Root Chakra: Here's how you can unblock and balance your Muladhara

1. Begin by lighting Muladhara incense and essential oils.

Aromatherapy has strong therapeutic qualities that promote sense of protection and wellbeing. Burn earthy essential oils, candles, or incense like sandalwood, cypress, cedarwood, rosewood, patchouli, cloves, black pepper, and ginger to awaken the root chakra.2. Repeat positive affirmations about safety. 


2. Positivity: Healthy Mentality

Affirmations, when repeated, assist to create intentions for breaking old habits and developing new ones. Repeat affirmations about belonging and security to awaken the root chakra. Following are some examples:I am always safe.

  • I love my body. 

  • My home is safe and secure. 

  • I am financially secure. 

  • The universe will always provide for me. 

We begin to build new thinking patterns, habits, and actions that match with feelings of support and protection by repeating these affirmations.

3. Practice Yoga postures that are specifically designed to stabilize the root chakra


Yoga postures, or asanas, assist to link the spiritual and physical aspects of the body. Connecting to the breath while performing asanas aids in the release of tension and the opening of the root chakra. Mountain, squat, warrior, goddess, and child's postures are examples of such positions.

4. Heal from the past insecurity.

Whether you feel safe now has less to do with your existing resources and more to do with how secure you felt as a youngster. Consider the phases of growth proposed by psychologist Erik Erickson. The first stage (trust vs distrust) is strongly related to the development of the root chakra. Balancing the root chakra may imply gradually recovering from previous events related to home, family, and safety.

Live a mindful lifestyle to boost your holistic wellness!

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