PITTA - Its favorite season of the year!

PITTA - Its favorite season of the year!

It's PITTA's favorite season of the year! (Cold months for your fiery dosha!)

Ayurveda believes in the connection between us and nature - treating ourselves as nature’s interplay. Its elements are within us, as we are within nature itself - making our existence parallel.💫

We have the same qualities of all the Dosha elements: water, air, fire, earth and ether; and as nature changes every season, so do we.Ayurveda believes on the connection between us and nature - treating ourselves as nature's interplay: inside of us is nature, as we are inside it - making us a part of its being.

Pitta is our fiery Dosha. In the body, pitta controls transformation, hence the perfect time to start working on our Pitta-nourishing routine in these cold months. Let us gracefully adapt to the changes, holistically - rejuvenating our overall health. Because wellness embodies a nourished dosha. It starts from within.
Metabolism, digestion, sensory perception, temperature, and our discrimination of right and wrong are all controlled by pitta.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

How to know if you have too much pitta? Heat coming from the body.
- If you are easily angered and irritable,
- If you have heat coming from your skin in the form of acne, rashes, skin irritations
- If you have ulcers or acid reflux

Calling all Pitta friends out there! Know that Fall + winter are the Vata season, the perfect time for Pitta to cool down. If you have these symptoms, focus on incorporating Ayurvedic self-care routine to pacify your Pitta dosha to restore the balance💫

- stay hydrated
- surround yourself with scented oils
- declutter your environment
- spend some minutes for meditation in the morning
- avoid spicy and hot food
- eat more pacifying dishes for Pitta balance
- practice a mindful diet 
- take a shower/bath in the morning and before bedtime
- practice Abhyanga / oil massage (Get a bottle of our Pitta Body & Massage Oil
- Eat breakfast early, lunch before 1 PM and dinner in early evening (don’t eat after 7 PM for healthy digestion)
- Don’t rush moving right after the meals
- Then spend time walking to aid digestion
- mediate around sunset
- Cool down when evening comes, you don’t want to spark your Pitta spirit too close to bedtime
- Aim to be in bed with the lights off around 10 PM

No wonder why Ayurveda teaches us to live a mindful lifestyle - recognizing the connection of our health to the nature. Now, we realize that it’s indeed a necessity to create an environment that would nurture us and help us more in the healing process.

Keeping our home and our work station (the entire environment we grown in) a stress and clutter free home for us is a great way to keep the healing energy around and within us.

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