Skincare in Spring for a Kapha Skin Type

Skincare in Spring for a Kapha Skin Type

Ayurvedic skincare in Spring for a Kapha skin type

Winter may leave skin feeling dull, heavy, and dry as it leaves behind its Kapha and Vata characteristics. As spring approaches, many individuals may notice that their skin breaks and strives to expel winter buildups. Don't worry; when the days become longer, the temperature rises, and the nature renews itself, there are various strategies to address these skin concerns.

Toxins (or Ama in Ayurveda) have been trapped under the dry skin. The ama dissolves as the environment around us heats, attempting to exit via the pores. Unfortunately, the pores are rigid owing to the dryness, which has caused them to lose elasticity. The vata of winter may cause the face to be dry or feel immovable. Some people's faces may seem oily when they have breakouts, yet they still feel dry or lack natural glow.

Here are some suggestions to make your skin feeling healthy in no time, regardless of your doshic constitution.

Beauty is skin deep, it is a lot more to the surface level, hence lifestyle is an important factor to holistic wellness.

EATING HABIT: Everyone's digestion is strained in the spring. The accumulated ama in the body is being burned away by the internal fire, or agni. Agni is weakened when there is a lot of ama, so it has to work more to break down meals. Avoid raw meals, foods high in dairy and unhealthy fats, and foods high in refined sugar to keep your fire burning bright and powerful. Arugula, asparagus, carrots, and avocados are all good choices for the season. Reduce the quantity of red meats in your diet, such as beef and bison, if you prefer to consume meat. Please see the newsletter piece on spring digestion for a list of dishes.

Avoid consuming too much fat at this period. To prepare dishes, use ghee and avocado oil. Spices strengthen skin cells as well as digestion. Spices like turmeric, cumin, coriander, trikatu (ginger, long pepper, and black pepper), or fenugreek may be added to the mix. When speed is of the essence, these spices might be used to salad dressing. Yogurt is high in probiotics, which help to strengthen the stomach and balance the skin's flora.

DAILY ROUTINE: It's time to get up and exercise after our winter lethargy! Exercise should be a focus multiple times each week at this time of year. Moving your body will aid in the removal of winter ama and the support of agni. Furthermore, exercise allows the skin to be stretched and heated, allowing it to cleanse. Simply moving 45 minutes to an hour every day can significantly enhance your skin's health. During the spring, you may enjoy yoga, vigorous strolling, or swimming both inside and outdoors. Exercise also improves skin and bodily health by stimulating appropriate agni. Remember to treat your body with respect and only do what it can manage. Every day, Kapha persons should engage in around an hour of cardiovascular exercise. Pittas should strive for 45 minutes of moderate exercise per day that does not boost their competitive instincts. Vata folks should engage in muscle-building exercises for 30 minutes each day.

The vata wind may disrupt sleep in the spring. Make an attempt to fall asleep by 11:00 p.m. and get up by 7:00 a.m. Rest is required to maintain agni strong and to do the therapeutic job required by the body to eliminate everyday pollutants and replenish energy. Make sure to finish your morning routine, which includes the skin care regimen outlined below, as soon as you wake up.

TOPICAL SKINCARE: Level up your skincare this season by incorporating dosha-specific skincare products such as facial oil, body oil for massage, and Kansa wand for lymph drain.

Kansa metal is made of the highest quality metal consisting of bronze, copper and tin. In Ayurveda, kansa is known as the “healing metal” since copper has been shown to reduce inflammation, and bronze helps to calm the mind and harmonize the body.

The lymph system collects wastes in the form of fluids and filters these fluids into the circulatory system. The waste accumulates in the lymph nodes which can lead to toxic build up and inflammation. As you gently massage your face and body with the Kansa wand, Kansa begins to draw out inflammation and toxins from the body. The grey color is acidity which is released when the metals combine with the body’s electromagnetic system. By removing toxins from the lymph nodes, kansa balances your skin’s pH levels.

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Over centuries, the practice of Ayurvedic wellness has proven to result in a more rejuvenated body, mind and spirit, thus nurturing mindfulness and stronger immunity.

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