The Different Sizes of Kansa Wand by Kansa Organics

The Different Sizes of Kansa Wand by Kansa Organics

The Kansa Spa Collection

Begin your journey with Kansa wands by owning the complete collection. Kansa wands are generally available in four sizes, small, T-shaped, medium, and large.

Depending upon the size of the Kansa wand, the usage varies. Each wand is used for a specific function, therefore the entire set is very beneficial to have, especially as a professional.

The complete set of Kansa wands is necessary for someone who is serious about this traditional practice and professionally invested in it. If you have the complete set of these exquisite and high-quality wands, you will be able to use each wand independently, or in combination with others- to perform a variety healing modalities. The wands are used for different stages of physical treatment, as well as divergent spiritual levels. In addition, the entire collection is based on traditional practices, which can never be replaced by any modern tools.

Let’s now dive into the science of Ayurveda  behind each Kansa wand size and its purpose.

The Marma Wand

The smallest size - best used for face and neck massage, the Marma Wand is perfect for the esthetician and anyone looking to incorporate Kansa wand facial massage into their daily routine.

The experience is a deeply relaxing one and especially because the smaller size wand will allow one to work in the contours of the face, relieving tension and drawing out toxins. The ergonomic KO designed handle has finger pads, allowing for better grip when it's used after your favorite serum. 

Kansa Organics wands are made from authentic wood and Kansa, a detoxifying bell metal alloy known in Ayurveda for its healing properties.

From the name itself, Marma which means “secret” Sanskrit, so think of the KO Marma wand as the best-kept secret of ancient beauty tools! This refers to the marma points on the body which hold life, energy, and healing in Ayurveda. Over 108 of these points are said to stimulate healing, protection, and more when you use our facial massage wand.

Benefits of Marma point therapy:

  • Improved functioning of organ systems
  • Traditional massage benefits
  • Stimulates and regenerates tissue
  • Relieves energy blockages, both physical and mental
  • Flush toxins
  • Prevents aging
  • Improves lymph flow
  • Protects against worsening Vata disorders
  • Encourages peaceful rest
  • Improves physical stability
  • Balances Dosha
  • Aids energy flow by unblocking pathways

The T-shaped Wand

Prana which means the “spark of life” in Sanskrit is believed to be in the cell and in our body. 

The Prana Wand is a unique T-shaped Kansa wand - designed for precision movement and can work intimately with the facial muscles as it eliminates tension patterns in the face to facilitate the flow of Prana. It has been handcrafted in order to serve various healing purposes and the creation of a harmonious environment. The way it is vibrating creates a very strong and powerful energy flow, which has a beneficial effect on the whole body.

By releasing the muscular tension, lymph is also able to now move more effectively when light gliding movements are used. A tool to assist marma point therapy, comprised of the Kansa Organics bell metal to resonate with the body’s unique energy and align for self-healing.

This Kansa Wand can be used for normal muscle toning and strengthening. Use it for stretching and relaxing of muscles. It can also be used for healing in many ways to promote health and pain relief.

More Benefits:

  • Pulls acidity from the tissues
  • Releases toxins + oxygenates
  • Reduce inflammation + de-puff
  • Reduces visibility of fine lines + wrinkles

The Om/Aum Wand


It is th medium-sized Kansa wand best for face and body massage.

One can experience the medium Kansa wand on both the face and body. With its slightly larger size, this wand works great in massage therapy, back facials, and at-home self-care. Working in circular motions, we relieve tension and draw out toxins.

(OM): also spelled Aum, is a consciousness in universal vibration of awareness.

AUM in Ayurveda

  • A - The A represents your most common conscious state, wakefulness as we go about our lives. 
  • U - The U represents a restful state before we reach deep sleep when our subconscious mind is active. 
  • M - The M represents the deep state of sleep, where our unconscious thoughts are revealed but not yet consciously known. 

Aum seeks to break down the illusion of the physical world to bring us to a transcendental state where we can access the rarest form of present consciousness, the heightened sense of self, and the purest realization of peace and calm.

The Kosha Wand

The largest Kansa wand - best for massage therapist for a whole body massage.

Promote self-care or healing for a client with the large KOSHA Kansa wand. The larger size wand will allow one to work in larger areas more quickly, for cellulite therapy on the back of the legs, for example. It relieves tension, draws out toxins, and more. Just see our benefits tab.

(Kosha): represents the layers of being in energetic sheaths that cover the body. Like an onion, KOSHA is described at the outermost layer first, moving onward to the deepest and spiritual self.

  1. Annamaya Kosha - the outermost layer of skin, muscles, connective tissue, fat, and bones, the physical self.
  2. Pranamaya Kosha - circulatory system for prana or life energy. Controls spiritual and bodily rhythm and includes the systems in which blood, lymph, and cerebrospinal fluid move, along with the breath in the respiratory system.
  3. Manomaya Kosha - the layer experiences deep emotions, the deep mind, and the nervous system. Think of the layer as the control panel firing synapses to aid the central nervous system. This layer moves physical feeling to emotional feeling.
  4. Vinjana Maya Kosha - ahhh, the wisdom body. Finally, we reach the layer where deep awareness, insight, and consciousness is sought. This layer reveals desires and the motivations behind them. illuminates our choice in a situation and highlights free will. Instead of feeling or acting thoughtlessly, we make everything conscious. Some describe the as where emotions are moved past to discover bliss.
  5. Anandamaya Kosha - the blissful, radiant body of peace and state of the pure joy of being. Liberation from suffering and a feeling of oneness and connection to all things.

Final Thoughts

If we were to recommend a particular Kansa Wand, it would be the complete set of four sizes of Kansa wands. 

This set of wands contains all of the available energy strands that are in existence right now. As a result, it will make practicing and performing any kind of healing modality- traditional or modern- much easier than before. 

It is indeed an investment, but it will last for many years to come. In addition, owning the entire set means that you will not have the problem of owning different sizes and lengths if you wanted to perform different kinds of practices at different times with that same wand.

Get your Kansa Spa Collection now!


This blog is written by Nadjerah Barua

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