The Greying Effect from the Kansa Wand

The Greying Effect from the Kansa Wand

What is The Greying Effect from the Kansa Wand?

Kansa metal is made of the highest quality metal consisting of bronze, copper and tin. In Ayurveda, kansa is known as the “healing metal” since copper has been shown to reduce inflammation, and bronze helps to calm the mind and harmonize the body.

The lymph system collects wastes in the form of fluids and filters these fluids into the circulatory system. The waste accumulates in the lymph nodes which can lead to toxic build up and inflammation. As you gently massage your face and body with the Kansa wand, Kansa begins to draw out inflammation and toxins from the body. The grey color is acidity which is released when the metals combine with the body’s electromagnetic system. By removing toxins from the lymph nodes, kansa balances your skin’s pH levels.

The grey color does not occur in everyone; however, if greying occurs, do not panic; just wipe it off with a soft tissue or cloth. As you continue to use your kansa wand, you will improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and increase your general wellbeing.

To promote lymphatic drainage in the face, move the Kansa wand in small, circular motions starting with the cheekbones progressing from the nose toward the ears, and then along the brow bones, forehead and then down the jawline, the movements are releasing toxins from the face promoting proper collagen production and a reduction in puffiness in the face and under the eyes.

As an Ayurvedic tool, the Kansa wand was designed to aid in lymphatic drainage. As a detoxifying tool it can help brighten and tighten the completion of your skin and reduce facial puffiness and inflammation.

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