What and how Ayurveda has taught us this year

What and how Ayurveda has taught us this year

What and how Ayurveda has taught us this year

While it's true that change is the only thing in this life that remains constant, we find ourselves susceptible and adaptable to these changes.

If there's anything life-changing this year has taught us, it is the constant cycle of changes in our lives and selves that we feel more elusive in doing.

2020 is waving its final goodbye, and yet the experiences and lessons we had are still strong that its impact has made us much more bendable and somehow stronger. Thanks to Ayurveda! It has been our ultimate guide and refuge to seeking balance and stability within us.

We might not have control of the changes in our lives, but we do have control over one thing: it's our perception and how we relate to the events and environment around us.

This is the essence of Ayurveda—beyond rigid regimens or guidelines, Ayurvedic wisdom offers us a timeless and time-tested range of resources to know ourselves and our true self and nature.

Ayurveda guides us on how to listen, how to learn, how to grow, how to recognize our emotions and needs, and what to do to cultivate stability and inner security that we may feel better, more comfortable and grounded in ourselves, no matter what storms we can face.

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