When is the best time to wash the face?

When is the best time to wash the face?

Enjoy the benefits of good skin with just a little bit of effort!

Washing your face twice a day – in the morning and at night – is recommended as a general guideline. You bet everyone is aware of and may be following this trend. 

We often overlook a basic skin tip to maintain our face skin free of dirt, dust, and excess oil due to our busy schedules. If you have oily, normal, or dry skin - do you get confused about when to facial cleanse best?

Well, if you ask us, the answer is both but...

Never miss to do this just before you go to sleep. Almost all dermatologists believe that it is best to cleanse your face at night.

Using a herbal and natural face wash twice a day is recommended by both dermatologists and Ayurvedic doctors. Keep your skin healthy by removing grime, particle buildup, and excess oil is encouraged to keep dosha imbalance at bay - we don't want excess Pitta, do we? So even if you want to miss a wash and follow an optimum wash schedule, night time is the best time.

Back it up with a Brightening Facial Oil to deeply cleanse and moisturize the skin. A daily facial oil with Kansa facial oil is recommended for healthy skin, according to today's beauty tip, Ashwagandha, Shatavari, and Bacopa components in this Ayurvedic facial oil efficiently remove pollutants while preserving the skin's natural moisture. Acne is prevented by the antiseptic and antibacterial properties of these Ayurvedic superfood. Kansa Organics is an Ayurvedic natural skin care line that are specially made for people of all skin types to achieve and keep a healthy, radiant skin.


Over centuries, the practice of Ayurvedic wellness has proven to result in a more rejuvenated body, mind and spirit, thus nurturing mindfulness and stronger immunity.

Heal with us at Kansa Organics!

Live a mindful life, live holistically.


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