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KANSA GUA SHA (AJNA) - Kansa Organics
KANSA GUA SHA (AJNA) - Kansa Organics
KANSA GUA SHA (AJNA) - Kansa Organics
KANSA GUA SHA (AJNA) - Kansa Organics
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Introducing our Kansa Nadis Gua Sha, a revolutionary skincare tool that targets the energy channels or Nadis flowing throughout the body. These Nadis carry vital life force energy or prana, and by stimulating them, our Kansa Nadis Gua Sha helps to promote overall well-being and healthy, glowing skin.

Crafted from high-quality Kansa metal, our Nadis Gua Sha is designed with multiple points and edges, making it the perfect tool to target a variety of areas on the face and body. Its unique design allows you to apply gentle pressure to key points along the Nadis channels, promoting circulation and releasing any trapped tension or energy blockages.

The use of our Kansa Nadis Gua Sha in your daily skincare routine can help to reduce inflammation, improve lymphatic drainage, and increase blood flow to the skin, resulting in a brighter, healthier-looking complexion. The gentle scraping motion of the tool also helps to remove dead skin cells, revealing a smoother, more radiant skin surface.


The tool is made out of Kansa - the “healing metal” in ancient Indian tradition and Ayurveda - the legendary medicinal practice in India. Kansa is better known as “bronze” in the modern world - an alloy (mixture) of Copper + Tin.

Each piece of our Kansa tools is a handmade paragon of our Kansa master artisans in India.


  1. Promotes lymphatic drainage: Gua sha techniques help to stimulate the lymphatic system, helping to reduce puffiness, dark circles, and other signs of inflammation.
  2. Boosts circulation: Regular use of a gua sha tool can help to improve blood flow to the skin, delivering oxygen and nutrients that promote healthy, glowing skin.
  3. Reduces tension: Gua sha massage helps to release tension and stress from the facial muscles, which can lead to a more relaxed and youthful appearance.
  4. Stimulates collagen production: Gua sha massage can help to stimulate the production of collagen, which is essential for maintaining healthy, youthful-looking skin.
  5. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles: By promoting circulation and stimulating collagen production, gua sha massage can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  6. Improves product absorption: By increasing circulation and promoting lymphatic drainage, gua sha massage can help to enhance the absorption of skincare products, allowing them to penetrate more deeply into the skin.
  7. Helps to clear toxins: The Kansa metal used in the Sahasrara Kansa Gua Sha is believed to have detoxifying properties, helping to clear toxins from the skin and promoting a healthy, radiant complexion.

Learn more about the benefits here.


Learn how to use the KO Kansa Gua Sha here.


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WARNING: Any unfavorable result due to improper use and unrecommended application of the tool or any of our products to the body areas is neither the responsibility of Kansa Organics nor its affiliates.

The above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This item is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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