The Kansa Vatki and Its Benefits

The Kansa Vatki and Its Benefits

Touch the body, heal the mind, calm the spirit.

Kansa Vatki is a detoxing technique that assists the body eliminate toxins and restoring balance to the energy system. A 5000-year-old Ayurvedic foot and lower leg massage focusing on the following:

  • Marma therapy - marma points are vital energy and nerve endings connected to the interior organs.
  • Dosha balancing
  • Abhyanga - warm Ayurvedic oil massage that activates the power of the healing metal.

The Kansa Vatki is a specific Ayurvedic bowl made out of Kansa which is a mixture of Copper and Tin, and sometimes with Zinc. Its use is primarily massaging the legs and feet that have some of the most vital Marma points in our body.

Marma points are believed to be essential for establishing energy conduits to the body's numerous internal organs. Stimulating the marma points help in targeting blockages in our body which assists in rebalancing your body's intrinsic energy.

The Advantages of Kansa Vatki

  1. Rejuvenates and revitalizes weary feet and legs
  2. Stimulates quality sleep and relieves tension, stress, and headaches
  3. Supports digestion
  4. Improves the mobility of the lower limbs
  5. Enhances arterial and lymphatic circulation
  6. Excessive heat and toxins are drawn out, leaving the body cold and relaxed.

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