TURMERIC IN SKINCARE: Why most skincare brands are using turmeric as a main ingredient

TURMERIC IN SKINCARE: Why most skincare brands are using turmeric as a main ingredient


Why most skincare brands are using turmeric as a main ingredient

Here's the thing, anyone who has tried turmeric will tell you it's a godsend. Turmeric is regarded as a universal healer in Ayurvedic medicine, and it's not hard to see why!

With its properties that have proven to give benefits to our skincare and different health conditions from the respiratory system to the digestive system, people are getting hooked on this magical treat.

Turmeric as a holistic treatment.

Is something wrong with your stomach?
Have you had too much to drink?
Feeling feverish?

Just make either a cup of tea or milk with turmeric and you're good to go!

Basically, we can use turmeric for just about any kind of health-related difficulties we encounter in our everyday lives. It's none new in science! In fact, history and studies show that it has been since time immemorial, but at least 4,000 years ago in India.

You may not even be surprised to learn that Turmeric can also make wonders for your skin.

The bright yellow hue of Sacred Turmeric has long been associated with the sun, according to Indian folklore. In addition, it represents cleanliness, wealth, and bounty!

Turmeric in Ayurveda

In Ayurvedic medicine, curcumin, technically known as curcumin longa, has been used for skin care for more than 4,000 years to treat various skin conditions. This powder has received the title "holy powder" due to its healing effects. Turmeric's Curcumin, found in it, has a long history of being shown to provide health advantages. Curcumin is also responsible for Turmeric's unique yellow-orange tint.

The roots of Curcuma zedoaria, the plant from which turmeric powder is derived, are used to make the very strong spice. Among its many medicinal benefits are its ability to fight off infection and disease, as well as its ability to fight cancer and other cancer-causing agents, as well as its ability to reduce inflammation and mutagenicity.

Curcumin, according to Ayurveda, helps to maintain a healthy balance of the doshas Vata, Pitta, and Kapha (though it can aggravate Vata and pitta when taken in excess). In terms of blood and plasma, it's great for the rasa and rakta dhatus.

Turmeric when used for skincare can bring benefits such as:

  1. Contains properties than can bring natural glow to the skin.
  2. Heal wounds by decreasing inflammation and oxidation.
  3. Helps with prsoriasis with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities. 
  4. Reduces scarring: can target your pores and calm the skin.
  5. It's also suggested that it can help with eczema, alopecia, lichen planus, and other skin issues.

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