Ama through the Ayurvedic lens of holistic healing can be directly translated as anything unwanted in nature and within us. Know that in Ayurveda being an ancient medicinal practice, we believe that anything present in nature that is outside of our body can also affect us, as we are an interplay of the five elements of Doshas: ether, air, fire, water, and earth.
Many of us have suffered from illnesses and might still be struggling with ordinary discomforts as common as skin problems and we are not even aware of what’s causing our acne. We tend to focus only on skincare because that is what most of us believe would be a primary solution to our any skin breakout.
However, in Ayurveda, we want to start first at identifying what’s causing our issues.

Did you know that skincare is only one sliver of the healing process when it comes to curing our acne? Toxins in our environment, work and living space, in what we eat and even in some products we use - each plays a big role in causing allergic reactions in our body; they are the Ama that we want to constantly cleanse.

Incorporate Ayurveda in your daily routine now and experience how it doesn't just support your skincare, but also your holistic wellness such as:

  • Did you know how powerful Ayurvedic facial and body massage oil is? How does it help flushing out toxins? Find out more of its benefits here.
  • Ever heard of Garshana or dry brushing and its life-changing skincare results it brings?
  • How about the holistic benefits we can get from simply tongue scraping?

That's the beauty of Ayurveda. We heal by helping our body and mind cleanse holistically. Heal with us at Kansa Organics.


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